Organize and manage your tasks in Notion

Not just another complicated task template...

Task Architect is an unparalleled task system designed around the Eisenhower Matrix to help you prioritize your high value tasks so you can stop procrastinating and get to the bottom of your to do lists.

Let's be honest: managing tasks sucks.

It starts off great with a few tasks here and there. Sticky notes and to do lists get the job done.

Then you start scaling, improving or doing more and slowly see all your tasks begin to pile up.

You get less done and the more tasks the worse it gets. It's an evil spiral that gets you to buy another task management template or app.

Only to find out that it's even more complicated than your previous system. But screw it, now you've already set everything up, so you might as well use it.

And then it's all cool, until you find yourself on the couch again stuck re-watching old episodes of Friends on Disney+.

... but, what if I told you there was a solution to that?

Enter Task Architect...

See, the problem with most task managers is they don't give you task prioritization. They just give you task organizing and storage.

The reason you're not doing the tasks you should be doing is that you're stuck not knowing what tasks produce what results.

The key to attaining any goal in life, business or private, is doing the high value tasks first, consistently.

The Eisenhower Matrix is the foundation of Task Architect and it's a productivity method that allows you to take your long list of tasks and organize them by importance and urgency.

When your tasks are organized, the color coded system in Task Architect will tell you exactly what to do with the tasks to get the highest ROI on your time invested. Do you:

  1. Do it?
  2. Delegate it?
  3. Schedule it?
  4. Delete it?

Let Task Architect decide it for you. Simply drag and drop the task to easily get started doing it. No more over-complicated task managers.

Task Architect is for you if...

❌ You're consistently procrastinating
You know what you should be doing. You know there's a list of things to do waiting for you to do them. You know this because you promised it to yourself when you made the list.

Yet, you can't get yourself to do it. It's easier to just pop on Netflix. You know you'll do the tasks some day in the near future. Just as soon as you as you can get them prioritized because obviously, doing all the low value tasks first wouldn't make sense.

❌ Struggling to prioritize and value tasks
With your ever-growing list of tasks, it's hard to keep up. For every task crossed, five new ones appear. You invest a lot of work into getting your tasks done, but you still feel stuck treading the same hamster wheel over and over, always two steps behind.

Without a system to both organize and prioritize your tasks, you'll never know what tasks make sense to do first and which ones can wait. Some could probably be scheduled or delegated, but you can't find the time to do so when you're grinding every day to not fall behind schedule.

❌ You're confused, disorganized and stuck
You've felt this way for a while. It feels like life is passing you by and you're just stuck in the passenger seat. The passiveness feels paralyzing and it's hard to even imagine how to get started. At the same time, you're angry with yourself that you've let it come to this.

You tell yourself the right system is all you need, but no systems seem to work for you. They're always too complicated and don't let you prioritize tasks correctly, so now you're stuck browsing complicated system that do more harm than good. What a waste of time, energy and money, right?

But who says you have to be stuck procrastinating eternally using the same old over-complicated task managers that don't offer prioritization features?

No one says that.

My name is Pascio. As a rising creator myself, I've had my fair share of deadly duels with my best friend, procrastination.

In the beginning when I started launching products I had minimal tasks. After launching 30+ products in less than 6 months, I found myself overwhelmed with long lists of tasks and an incomplete task system.

After a month of reflecting on my procrastination (whilst simultaneously watching Netflix), I figured I needed a way to prioritize my tasks to be able to clean up my task system and organize it.

But it wasn't until I found the Eisenhower Matrix, internalized it and build Task Architect from the ground up to solve the procrastination problem that I had from not being able to prioritize my tasks...

4 task problems, solved.

Manage multiple areas, projects and tasks simultaneously
Task Architect offers a place to bring together all your areas, projects and tasks. No need to switch between apps to manage your personal or team task list. Keep track of everything at one glance in the dashboard.

Easily prioritize tasks with color-coded system
Task Architect is designed to easily let you prioritize tasks based on importance & urgency, telling you exactly what to do with that task. The Eisenhower Matrix is integrated into the template with an easy-to-use color-coded system.

Seamlessly move tasks around to visually unclutter
Task Architect makes managing tasks with different importance, categories, projects and statuses easy by allowing you use one single dashboard view to visually drag & drop around.

Daily recurring tasks widget
Task Architect gives you a recurring task widget that circulates every day with a fresh entry and even allows you to track users on how often they do their recurring tasks. No apps, widgets or external stuff needed.

The Task Architect Workflow

The workflow of Task Architect is designed to give you the ability to:

  1. Quick upload tasks to master database based on area or project

  2. Prioritize tasks by urgency/importance to process them

  3. Choose one of four things to do with the task:

  1. Do

  2. Delegate

  3. Schedule

  4. Delete

  5. Progress down the dashboard to manage delegated or scheduled tasks

  6. Get more done by letting Task Architect automate the way you prioritize tasks.

Task Architect is for...

✅ Personal
Personal users who need to manage their day-to-day life tasks by life areas or projects or who're working on a single project needing task prioritization features.

Entrepreneurs, creators or small businesses who need a system to manage tasks across multiple areas or projects simultaneously.

✅ Teams
Companies and teams who need efficient task management and prioritization across multiple users and admins.

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