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Balance OS | GTD, PARA & Goal Setting

With interconnected GTD, PARA, Goal Setting and Journaling templates, Balance OS is a system meant to help you organize and align all the different areas of your life.
by Kafe Dy
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Have you ever been so overwhelmed by all your tasks that you were unsure where to even start? What about your personal and professional goals, your side hustles and all the ideas floating around in your head?Have you ever been so overwhelmed by all your tasks that you were unsure where to even start? What about your personal and professional goals, your side hustles and all the ideas floating around in your head?

This template takes full advantage of the automatic and relating features Notion has to connect and organize everything—your tasks, projects, areas, goals, ideas, notes etc.—until all the lists and jumbled up thoughts in your mind make perfect sense!

This pack is for:

  • Taking control of your life and unlocking your full potential by staying on track with all your life areas, projects, and goals!
  • Keeping a thorough database of everything useful you want to remember!
  • Finding balance, clarity, and peace of mind amongst the juggling act that is life!
  • Freelancers, students or anyone who wants to manage personal or professional projects and goals!

Review and reflect with the following main pages:

1) Getting Things Done
A step-by-step breakdown of the GTD process by David Allen.

A filing cabinet for your brain, with 20+ templates that automatically filter your tasks and resources/notes by project or area and automatic progress bars. Maintain different areas, juggle different projects, and file information with note-taking templates. (My personal favorite template is the Reading template)

3) Life-balance Journaling
A place to check in with yourself and align with your purpose and goals weekly, monthly, or whenever you need it with 5 templates. How do you know if you're still on the right path if you never stop to look at the road?

4) Goals Overview
A space to break down your goals quarterly, monthly, and weekly, and link them to projects, as well as to measure and track your progress on major goals through automatic progress bars.

Review your life day to day through the following views

1) Dashboard
An overview of your current tasks, calendar, current projects, habits & goals.

2) Today / Current View
An overview of everything that's current—your tasks, your habits, your weekly objectives, and intentions. Let this view guide you throughout your day. Switch between today, current, and other views within this page.

3) Eisenhower's Matrix
Review your priorities through the tried and true Eisenhower's Matrix, which is linked to your GTD.

4) Looking Back
Celebrate your wins and remember the good times, with a gallery view of each month.

5) Habit Tracker
Review your progress on all of your habits at a glance.

Bonus: Phone View, Integrated Deep Work Chamber, a note-taking system for reading books using linked databases

If you're unfamiliar with the GTD, and PARA systems used here, no worries! I've got guides on how to use this pack, along with video tutorials embedded in the actual pack, and my line is always open for inquiries! However, this pack could be pretty overwhelming for people new to Notion, so I recommend this for people who have experience with Notion or are willing to learn how to use Notion (videos included).

I spent months making sure this template reflected the system that optimizes workflow, prioritization, and helps keep momentum and motivation, and I hope you like it!

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