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The WO - The Wardrobe Organizer

The WO is an all-in-one digital system for individuals to manage their wardrobes, to foster smart shopping habits, and to increase their ability to see clothes as a medium for self-expression and a source of daily joy and confidence.
by Raquel Rojo
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What if I told you there are hidden possibilities inside your current wardrobe? Or that it’s easy to shop strategically based on what you already own? Or that most importantly, your wardrobe can become a way to express your true self? All of this is possible with the genius of the Wardrobe Organizer.

Maybe your outside image doesn’t reflect all that you are on the inside, or you find it hard to create a cohesive personal image that meets your high standards.

I designed the Wardrobe Organizer with and for people who want to feel attractive and authentic in their clothes every day, and want to learn how to style themselves in clothes that reflect their uniqueness and values.

This is for people who don’t have a lot of time to think about clothes but want to get it right!

🖖 Do any of these sound like you? If so, you are not alone.

• You feel like you look “fine” in your current clothes, but what you really want is to feel attractive, energetic, and confident in yourself.

• Putting together outfits feels confusing and the results are mixed. Maybe you have a few interesting pieces that don’t seem to go with anything, so you never wear them.

• You tend to blend in with the crowd, and you wish you were confident enough in styling yourself that you could express the parts of yourself that stand out.

• Shopping is an overwhelming experience. By the time you finish, you feel like you spent money on clothes you won’t wear, and you still have the sense that you missed important pieces.

👉 Are you ready to take control of your wardrobe and uncover your magnetic personal style?
I believe that style stems from a connection to self. Seeing yourself in the mirror, shining and confident, leads to deeper self-love. As the first user of the Wardrobe Organizer, I can attest to this!

• Visually organize your clothes so you can see them all in one place. Tag them with meaningful filters so you can find them and add them to outfits easily.

• Remove the guesswork and frustration by digitally creating outfits for all seasons and occasions.

• Quickly identify gaps in your wardrobe and create a wish list based on priorities so you can shop intentionally and within your budget.

• Notice your style trends and discover what clothes you naturally love and wear often, versus clothes you almost never wear.

• Create and choose outfits to wear that you love to see yourself in… every day and for every occasion.

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