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UX Research Templates + Repository Hub

The ultimate resource + template hub for beginner UXRs, lone researchers on a team of PMs and designers, or even just a researcher looking to organize their function's research artifacts.
by Zainab Lodi
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What's inside:

  • A “homebase” that houses organized and categorized aspects of UX research, from project kickoffs to catalogued research
  • Company-friendly intro that allows others to easily see, explore, and find research used by you and your team
  • The “Software, tools, and resources” section includes templates for:
    • Housing shared logins and passwords for every tool
    • Documenting cross-functional processes between research and other teams
    • Research participant incentives
    • Screener surveys (with a guide and examples!)
    • Template for requesting a new tool or software for the research team
  • The “Continuous Discovery” section includes:
    • In-depth guide on best practices for interviewing participants
    • Full sample script for moderated discussion
    • Guide on research questions vs interview questions
    • “Interview Snapshot” that links to a template in Miro for observer note-taking during user interviews
  • The “Estimated Time for Deliverables” section includes:
    • A template for many types of UXR methods and how long they generally take (with steps included!)
  • The “Research Requests” section is questionnaire that is filled out by anyone who comes to you requesting research. It gives them the opportunity to give you as much context as possible before getting started.
  • The “Research Plan Template” is a fully-developed template for beginning a new research initiative
  • The “Research Project Kickoff” is a template for meeting with relevant stakeholders and gathering all info needed for a new project
  • The “Research Methodology Templates” includes outlines for documenting different types of research including unmoderated testing, moderated interviews, surveys, and more
  • The “Team Hypotheses” is a space for anyone in the company to share their assumptions + hypotheses about a given issue or project, regardless of what team they’re on!
  • The “Design Targets and Personas” is a space for you and your team to brainstorm the types of users who use your service.
  • There is also a** live dashboard of current projects and their statuses** (these are fully editable!) as well as one for tracking ongoing testing through a Kanban chart, and also a checklist for weekly priorities.
  • A research participant incentive tracker which allows you to document emails, participation dates, type of research method used, what incentive they chose or were given, the status of that incentive, and which project the research was conducted for
  • Finally, there is a dedicated section for catalogued research.
    ...and endless potential for you to make it your own!
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