A tool to allow batch PDF export for free Notion users. You can export as HTML with subpages and then use this tool to convert those into PDFs.


1. Download the tool and extract.


2. In Notion, place all the pages you wish to export into one page and click Export, choose 'HTML' and ensure 'Include Subpages' is on.


3. Extract the export to find a list of HTML files and folders for each page. Place the HTML files with folders containing images in the same folder as 'notion-pdf-export.exe' (Windows) or 'notion-pdf-export' (Mac).


4. Double Click 'notion-pdf-export.exe' (Windows) or 'notion-pdf-export' (Mac) and wait for the process to be completed.


5. All the individual pages can be found converted into PDF Documents inside the pdfs folder.


See the Usage Guide on GitHub for more info!

It's not perfect and the PDFs don't look exactly like Notion ones. There are a bunch of issues in the repo, so if anyone has good technical knowledge, I'd appreciate some help to make it better!