Give Notion the superpowers of Google Sheets

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Keep your databases from Notion automatically in sync with Google Sheets. Use Sheets formulas to send data to Notion, create recurring tasks and even connect cells with Notion blocks for dynamic dashboards!

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Custom Website
Turn your Notion pages into Websites

World-class website publishing

Notion provides a great editing experience, and with Notion2Site, you can use Notion to power beautifully simple websites on custom domains for a world-class publishing experience.

Web publishing

Instant page loading with 100% SEO

Your pages will always load instantly and remain in sync with your Notion content. This is incredibly important for UX and SEO.

Why are we so confident? Because we built our own rendering pipeline powered by Notion's API and Next.js that renders all of your content to a global edge CDN via a snazzy new technique called incremental static site generation.

What does that actually mean? It means that your site's pages will load 10-100x faster than your original Notion pages. 🔥

Site performance

Perfect web hosting for all of your ideas

If you already use Notion to organize your thoughts, research, and writing, then Notion2Site provides the perfect solution to transform these ideas into no-code blogs, wikis, portfolios, growth hacks, and more!

So, what ideas are you excited to share with the world?

Powering all of your ideas

Custom domains, fonts, meta tags, and scripts

We make it easy to host your site on any custom domain. We also support injecting Google fonts, meta tags, and third-party JavaScript embeds for common features like chat widgets and analytics.

All without writing a single line of code 💪

Advanced customization

Custom Website
Generate a minimalistic blog from a table.

Generate a minimalistic blog from a table.

Custom Website
Fruition: Free, Open Source Toolkit for Building Websites with Notion

Fruition: Free, Open Source Toolkit for Building Websites with Notion

Features: custom domains, pretty URLs, dark mode, custom font, custom Javascript

Use cases: perfect for your portfolio, blog, job posting, landing page, or business site

Benefits: completely free, no coding required, no lock-in, [open source](

Downsides: self-managed solution, needs ~10 minutes to setup

With Fruition, you can build and customize your website using Notion pages. It supports custom domains, dark mode, Google Fonts, SEO, and script injection. The coolest feature is pretty URLs.

It will take 10 minutes. I promise it will be easier than setting up a WordPress site.


Wow, just wow. Thank you so much for releasing Fruition - it is an absolute beauty to work with! I especially love the front end to auto-generate the Cloudflare worker script.- Conrad Lin on Product Hunt
That's the main thing I was missing, custom slugs, so if I want to change my system at some point, no links would ever break!- Edgaras Benediktavicius on Github
This is by far the best way to add custom domains to your Notion pages and even a solution for creating multi-page websites.- Dimitris Kamaritis on YouTube
Custom Website
Add custom domains & fonts to Notion; Inject any analytics or live chat scripts; Customize your social meta tags

Custom domains

Add a custom domain (or subdomain) to any of your Notion pages. Site hosting and SSL certificates come standard with Super.


Powerful Integrations

Collect payments, add site analytics, provide live chat support, or add custom fonts. Powering Notion with 3rd party tools has never been easier.


Lightning fast

Search engines like Google prefer fast websites. Our Static sites load up to 100x faster than default Notion pages.


And a whole lot more

Optimized, statically generated, and hosted on a CDN. Super is the easiest way to build simple, powerful websites with nothing but Notion.