How To Create a Website with Notion, No Coding Required

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Notion is an amazing tool for creating content. You probably do all of your writing there. So it makes a lot of sense to create your website with Notion as well. In this post, I’ll share how you can build a Notion website without needing to know how to code.

If you want get your own, check out our list of the best Notion templates.

Let’s get to it!


Start with publishing your Notion page to the web

First, you can use Notion’s public page feature to make a page public and share it.

How to publish a Notion page to the web

Notion allows you to quickly create a website by clicking Share on any page and enabling Share to the Web. Anyone with the link can view the page, and changes made to it will be immediately visible to visitors. It's easy to use.

This is a great way to make a simple website. You can organize your content with columns and blocks in Notion that look good.

Use a Notion website builder like Potion

The method described above works fine, but you have to share your website with a notion domain like You don’t get to have your own domain and your own branding.

This is where we can use a SaaS tool like Potion. Potion creates a website from your Notion content and then allows you to add your own custom domain and your own styling. You can even add your own code for things like analytics via snippet injection. Here are some Notion websites that are built with Potion, so you can see what’s possible!

Let’s go through the simple steps of creating your website with Notion.

3 Simple Steps to creating your Notion website

After you’ve created an account with Potion, you’ll click “Add new site” to create your first site. Then you will follow these steps.

1. Make your Notion page public

Make Notion page public

Making your Notion page that you want to use for your website allows Potion to see the content and data that you have in your page. All the subpages in Notion will be used as individual pages with unique URLs in your website.

Potion creates the URLs automatically for your site from your Notion pages title. For example, if you have a notion page named “My Amazing Blog”, Potion would create a URL that looks like “”. You can always set this URL to be whatever you want, as well shown later in this post.

2. Choose a subdomain and paste your Notion URL

How to choose a subdomain with Potion site for Notion

In Potion, you will be able to name your website and paste the notion URL that you copied. At first, you will create a potion subdomain at Later, you will be able to add your own custom domain.

3. Your site is generated, and now you can update and add content in Notion!

Create Notion website

For a basic website, this is all you need to do! Potion will create a website from your content in Notion and host it to add the potion subdomain you chose. Whenever you update content or add a new page in Notion, it will automatically be added to your website!

Setting your Custom Domain

You have a website, but you probably want to add your own domain and update some other SEO settings. Potion has a live editor that allows you to see a preview of your website and change settings.

In the top left, go to Site Settings by clicking the gear icon.

How to set your custom domain

Here you will find a toggle to turn on custom domains. You can then set your custom domain by adding it to the field input.

Custom domain for Notion website

Once you click “save” a pop-up will appear that will show you how to set up your DNS to point your domain to Potion. More details on setting up your DNS for Potion here.

Changing Settings for your Notion Website

The first tab in the top left is where you can see the list of all the pages in your website. The default settings button is where you set defaults. All pages of your website will have these settings, and then you can override them by setting specific options on a page.

Changing Settings for your Notion Website

On the top right where it says “Page Settings” is a drop-down that allows you to change settings for “Defaults” or the page that is selected in the list. You can change things such as the page URL, meta tags, add a password, or update some basic styles.

Page settings for a Notion Website


Notion websites are a great way to make a quick website, especially if you love Notion! The other cool thing is that you can use Notion website templates that other people have made, just like on Notion Everything!


How much does it cost to create a Notion website?

You can use the free tier for Notion. Potion costs $12/month to create one site.

Do I need to know how to code?

Nope, you can just use the drag and drop interface of Notion to make a very custom website. Most blocks in Notion can be used in Potion!

How long does it take to build a Notion website?

It doesn’t take long at all! Maybe 3 minutes once you have your content arranged in Notion.

What kinds of websites is Notion great for?

Notion is great for wiki-like websites. But it can also be used for Portfolios, Landing pages, blogs, help docs, and resources.

Notion Affiliate LinkNotion Affiliate LinkHow To Create a Website with Notion, No Coding RequiredHow To Create a Website with Notion, No Coding Required
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