Decoding Notion's Synced Block (Use-Cases!)

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Notion’s newest feature is here and in beta! The synced block. Finally, we have a global block to enhance the Notion experience. I’m already tinkering with some use-cases. With the API and synced blocks released so close together, I’m a bit overwhelmed. In a good way, of course. ;)


0:00 - Intro
0:30 - How To Use The Synced Block
3:42 - Quickly Send Synced Block
6:08 - Use-Case 1: Navigation Bar
10:12 - Use-Case 2: Save Drafts
13:31 - Nesting Synced Blocks

#notion #sync #syncedblock

Red Gregory

I'm a ambassador that enjoys sharing different tips and tricks to improve your experience with the program. Whether you are new to Notion or a pro, I hope to lend some help.