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How I manage my time as a scientist, researcher and youtuber w/ Notion for 2021 and 2022

by Spotted by Notion
👉🏻 Sign up to Notion for free - In this video, I describe how I use Notion to help me comprehend, recall, and organize my YouTube research and preparation. When we have a lot to accomplish, it might be daunting, but due to Notion, we can harness wiser approaches for a better tomorrow. -------- MY FREE ONLINE COURSES: 🤖 Machine Learning Course- 📚 Convex Optimization Course - 🎓 Linear Algebra Course - 🖥 Data structure & Algorithms Course - 💼 Convex Optimization Applications Course - 💰Stock Market Analysis Course - CREDITS x MENTIONS: IEEExplore - Google Trends - LaTeX - NVIDIA - Redis - NEOM - Abu Dhabi Louvre - Tesla - Bitcoin - Safemoon - Polkadot - Zcash - Visual Credits Thank you for the following designers and video makers from @Pexels - Asifgraphy - Roger Brown - Treedeo Footage - Tima Miroshnichenko - Kindel Media Audio Credits Thank you so much ! Music: OTHER RECOMMENDED COURSES 👩🏽‍💻MATLAB Course - 💻 Python Programming Course - 👩‍🏫 R programming for Data science and statistics Course - 🧮 Numerical Analysis course - 📶 Signal Processing Course - BE MY FRIEND: 📸 Instagram - ⓕ Facebook - 🐦 Twitter - WHO AM I: I am an Electrical Engineer and YouTuber w/ a PhD in Electrical Engineering from @EURECOM Communication Systems Department , Sophia Antipolis in France. I am also a EURECOM alumni, w/ a Masters studies from @CentraleSupélec (Summa Cum Laude). I have many publications in well-known @IEEEorg conferences, including a nomination award and is a co-inventor in several patents. I am also a former member of @IEEE Signal Processing Society. I also dedicate time to publish high level lectures on Mathematics (including convex optimization) and Programming. I also focus on Math for Machine Learning, Convex Optimization, Linear Algebra, Python, SymPy, NumPy, Pandas, CVXOPT, MATLAB, and more. 🌍 My website / lecture notes - GET IN TOUCH: I try my best to respond to each and every comment here on YouTube, you guys are my family ❤️ #notion #latex #science