With Notion's comment feature, you can add personal notes and communicate with teammates. They were an afterthought through the early days of Notion, but comments are now a core feature and remain a focus of product development. Here's your comprehensive guide to this rapidly evolving feature. 00:00 — Intro 00:59 — Three Comment Levels 03:25 — Comment Composition 04:48 — Replies and Threads 06:12 — Resolve Threads 06:35 — Comment Permissions 07:26 — Share, Edit and Delete Comments 07:57 — The Comment Sidebar 08:52 — Restore Resolved Comments 09:00 — Comment Notifications 11:09 — Customize Comments For my full series of lessons, along with videos, readings, practical exercises and certification questions, join Notion A-toZ at https://premier.notion.vip/a-to-z. // ----- // 💡 RESOURCES Notion VIP Post: https://www.notion.vip/notion-comments-reimagined/ Notion A-to-Z: https://premier.notion.vip/a-to-z The Bulletproof Notion Workspace: https://notion.vip/bulletproof William on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WilliamNutt Subscribe to Notion VIP: https://notion.vip // ----- // 👋 MEET WILLIAM William Nutt is the founder of Nutt Labs and creator of Notion VIP (https://notion.vip), the most widely referenced resource for Notion users. His Bulletproof methodology is Notion's most popular framework and top-selling template. In addition to consulting users, William works directly for Notion on a variety of projects, including the Help & Support page, the Notion Consultants program, and a training program for Notion's global support team. Follow William on Twitter at https://twitter.com/WilliamNutt. // ----- // #Notion #Productivity

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