Updated Notion Tour - How I am using PARA to organize my workspace

It has been a while since I did a Notion update and my space has gone through some updates!
Here is an updated tour of how I organize my Notion workspace.
- Workspace sidebar items are now Pages with embedded Databases
- New Dashboards section
- Separate "private" Areas vs Team Areas

PARA method: https://praxis.fortelabs.co/the-p-a-r-a-method-a-universal-system-for-organizing-digital-information-75a9da8bfb37/

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Marie Poulin

Life, business, and workflow design. I help ambitious business owners design their life and business systems, so they can make space for growth.

Ultimately, I believe entrepreneurship offers us a chance to design our businesses and lives with more intention and possibility. I want to live a good life, and I want to help my clients do that too. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Notion is one of my favourite tools for making your goals visible and taking action on your ideas, and I love showing folks how to use it to Supercharge their productivity.