Use Notion To Help Process Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors

This week, we're joined by special guest Ann Garvey who is sharing her lifetime of experience to build a one-of-a-kind tracker to drive clarity in your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The Self-Regulation Tracker is a transformative reflective process that often results in a more informed self-perspective.

Join our relaxed session, dedicated to Q&A about the latest toolbox updates and a build with me on whatever innovations I am working on next for the community (new templates, written resources, etc.). Even if you don't have any questions, tune in to see what new things you can learn and pick up from the immersive learning experience.

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Conrad Lin

Co-x3 stands for co-creation, collaboration, and community. We're an inclusive group of like-minded forward thinkers that want to effect positive change in the 🌍

Every week, we share our best insights on productivity, growth, and learning to help you live your best life and get things done. Over the past year, we've equipped hundreds of creatives, students, and second winders with the knowledge to level up every day, systems to put your learning into action, and a supportive community to make sure you never struggle alone. 🚀

Join us as we delve into...
- How our brains work and how to hack it to do what we want
- Ways to remember everything you learn and make it actionable
- Innovative projects that explore new ways to tackle everyday challenges
- The fundamentals of systems thinking to build a life management system

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