Weekly agenda and review in Notion - Advanced tour

In this video I share an updated demo of how I do my weekly agenda, planning, and review process in Notion, using linked databases. This is a demo/tour moreso than a how-to video, as this is a more advanced setup that I've been honing over the last few years, and involves loves of grouping, formulas, and filtering that is heavily tailored to my needs. Take inspiration and leave what doesn't work! 01:30 The Week page 01:56 Navigation + Callouts 02:57 The Week database 03:39 The Actions database 04:56 The Weekly Review 05:42 Phase 1 - Closing the Gaps 08:34 Phase 2 - Reflect + Review 14:25 Phase 3 - Planning for success 15:54 Setting up my journals for the week 17:48 Review calendar and upcoming actions 19:52 Back to the Week page ⚡️Go deeper with my online course, Notion Mastery: https://notionmastery.com ⚡️Check out my Notion templates: https://templates.notionmastery.com ☕️ Love this content and want to buy me a coffee? https://www.buymeacoffee.com/7r86dYO
Weekly agenda and review in Notion - Advanced tour

Marie Poulin

Life, business, and workflow design. I help ambitious business owners design their life and business systems, so they can make space for growth.

Ultimately, I believe entrepreneurship offers us a chance to design our businesses and lives with more intention and possibility. I want to live a good life, and I want to help my clients do that too. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Notion is one of my favourite tools for making your goals visible and taking action on your ideas, and I love showing folks how to use it to Supercharge their productivity.